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Diversity and inclusion

As part of a commitment to our residents, it's important that we reflect the regions and communities in which we are based. We celebrate and positively promote diversity within our organisation, fostering an environment where staff at all levels can share experiences and provide mutual respect and support, irrespective of their grade, job title and position. We're one of the first organisations in the housing sector to publicly report BAME pay and bonus gaps which is key in our drive to becoming a fully diverse and inclusive organisation.

 We're proud of our inclusive culture and are striving towards making L&Q a place where everyone can be confident that difference is not only accepted but celebrated in our workplace.”        

Jan Gale
Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a key part of how we deliver our social mission at L&Q. In recognition of its importance in building successful organisations, inclusion is one of our five core values.

It’s an important part of our social contract with residents and stakeholders that our organisation reflects the wider community. Beyond that, bringing together a diverse range of people within our organisation gives us the best opportunity to deliver our ambitious plans to deliver 100,000 new homes, whilst investing in the quality of our existing homes.

We're proud of our inclusive culture and want to be a place where everyone can bring their whole selves to work, confident that difference is not only accepted but celebrated in our workplace.

We have three staff network groups at L&Q, chaired by members of staff who are provided with an allowance of time away from their day job to perform their duties for their network. These are Inspire, our gender equality network, Kaleidoscope, our cultural diversity network and Spectrum, our LGBT+ network.

In addition, we have a staff wellbeing programme, iMatter, which is co-chaired by HR and the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team. iMatter addresses four key themes of wellbeing: mental health, physical health, financial wellbeing and life skills.

Inclusion has never been more important than right now. As part of Inclusion week 2020, we caught up with some of our Executive team to talk about what makes us a diverse and inclusive organisation.

"It's the pool we fish from which is often the problem - I've been trying to increase the size of that pool."

Fiona Fletcher-Smith, Chief Executive

"People from different backgrounds and experiences and having a workforce who bring their whole self to work can help us to provide a better service."

"Our Executive team is not that pale and male team you often see in organisations."

Gerri Scott ,Group Director, Customer Services

"Diversity and Inclusion isn’t an add-on at L&Q, it’s core to what we do and is as natural to us as collecting rent or repairing homes. We’ve made great progress but there’s so much more we can do, so Diversity and Inclusion will feature in our new corporate plan, and we’ll aspire to taking a sector-leading role on this."

Steve Moseley, Group Director, Governance, Strategy and Communications

"I joined L&Q in 1987 - I've seen our organisation change; I've been part of that change."

"We should be really proud of how far we've come."

Diane Hart, Group Director, Commercial

"We are a values led and have been, and always will be a values led organisation."

"Inclusion is embedded at the core of our values."

Tom Nicholls, Group Director, Human Resources

"There have been no barriers in my career, in my ability to achieve what i've wanted to achieve at L&Q."

"Inclusion is embedded at the core of our values."

Waqar Ahmed,Group Director, Finance

At L&Q we believe that the more diverse we are as an organisation, the stronger we are. This film shows the steady progress we’re making to bring diversity and inclusion to the heart of everything we do. We know we still have some work to do and are committed to building a culture of inclusion where everyone can flourish.

L&Q Inclusion

Putting inclusion at the heart of what we do

L&Q Inclusion is the flagship initiative of L&Q Living. It aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness among our residents through activities, events and grants:

Our care and support service users are able to apply for grants of up to £250 towards activities such as trips, sporting activities, meals out, parties, music events, arts workshops and outdoor activities. 

We’re setting up timebanks so that our service users can get involved in their local communities by sharing their skills and making new friends. 

Providing volunteering opportunities not only combats isolation and loneliness, it can also be beneficial for people affected by mental health issues. 

L&Q Living service users have access to a wide range of programmes that help provide opportunity. These include confidence building, job search training, job clubs, work placements, construction training and even starting up their own enterprise. 

We reach out to external organisations and businesses to offer them the chance to build social capital by providing free or discounted services to benefit our service users. 

Recognising and celebrating the help that people offer each other is an integral part of L&Q Inclusion. We host annual award ceremonies and large celebratory events including talent shows and dance contents. 

Read more about what we're doing in our D&I Strategy.